Ride site:  805 Carmel Line, Millbrook (use Cavan Monaghan for some GPS) ON L0A 1G0

From the south (Hwy 401):  Take Exit 461 and turn North onto Toronto Avenue.  Continue north through Welcome, Canton and Garden Hill for 19 kms (12 miles).  Turn left (west) onto Carmel Line (NOT Carmel Crescent).  Continue for 1 km.  The ride site is on the left.

From the north (Hwy 115):  Take Peterborough County Road 10 (Millbrook, Cavan) exit and turn south.  Continue for 4 kms. (2.5 miles) to Millbrook, short jog to the left to the light, then continue south for 5 kms (3 miles) to Carmel Line. Turn right (west) onto Carmel Line.  Continue for 1 km (0.6 mile).  The ride site is on the left.