Cayuse Creek Ranch offers outdoor boarding for all breeds of horses.  We consider ourselves to be one of the least expensive boarding facilities in the area for the high level of services we offer. 

Pastures and Fencing

We have over 40 acres of well-kept pastures, fertilized and top seeded each year.  In all there are seven individual pasture areas, ranging in size from two acres to 20 acres. 

All fencing is extremely safe 4' no climb fencing, most of it with electrical tape along the top to prevent horses leaning on the fencing or the posts.  It is predator proof. 

Barns and Stalls

We have 4 stalls in the main barn, used primarily for short term occupancy such as feeding, farrier, veterinary, etc.  We do not do Indoor Board.  All stalls are bedded with shavings and cleaned daily if necessary.

Round Pen

The Round Pen is 8' high wood walls with sand as the base.  It is used primarily for ground work and basic training.

Indoor Arena

The 70' x 144' Indoor Arena was built in late 2016 and will be available for use in January 2017.  It has LED lighting and 6' plexiglass around the circumference to enhance the natural lighting. 

Outdoor Arena

The Outdoor Arena will be 100' x 200' and will be completed in the spring 2017.  It will have a permanent obstacle course as part of its design, including water crossing, wooden bridge, "car wash", jumps and various skill stations (for side passing, backing, turning in place, etc.)


Cayuse Creek Ranch is located, at walking speed, within 10 minutes of the East Ganaraska Forest and 20 minutes of the Central Ganaraska Forest.  The Ganaraska Forest consists of 11,000 acres and has 400 miles of all types of trails.  Forest permits are required.


Cayuse Creek Ranch does not have an on-site coach. However, boarders are encourage to bring their own coaches.


Basic outdoor board is $340 per month, including HST.  This allows use of all the on-site amenities.  Certain restrictions may apply to time of use due to coaching schedules.