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For the promotion of:

  a)   The equestrian sport of distance riding
b)   The Ganaraska Forest for equestrian recreational uses and
c)   The Arabian horse, our horse of choice for recreational and competitive trail riding

Ganny Distance Rides is the trade name associated with the distance rides we host at Cayuse Creek Ranch. We have been hosting these equestrian distance competitions in the Ganaraska Forest since 2011.  Each year we try to offer a variety of venues for riders and horses of all levels of experience, from the basic novice to the International level.  This will typically include:

  • Mileage Rides – non-competitive rides (12 to 20 miles)
  • Set Speed competitions (12 to 40 miles) at bronze, silver and gold levels
  • Competitive Trail Rides (25 to 40 miles)
  • Ride ‘n Tie races – two riders, one horse, at distances of 6 to 12 miles.
  • Endurance Races – 50 to 75 miles with sanctioning by FEI, AERC and OCTRA.

Ganaraska ForestGanaraska ForestEquestrian clinics are also offered to assist riders to become familiar with the various aspects of distance riding and Arabian horses.

All these events are held in the beautiful Ganaraska Forest with its 11,000 acres and 400 kms of multi-use trails.
In close proximity to Cayuse Creek Ranch is the quaint village of Millbrook, with its many historic buildings.  Millbrook has all the amenities of a small town such as gasoline, groceries, liquor store and interesting shops and stores.  There are also other close towns such as Peterborough and those in nearby Clarington and Northumberland Townships.

The owners of Cayuse Creek Ranch, Bob and Michelle, are long time lovers of the Arabian horse and occasionally breed, specifically those of desert bloodlines.  These rare and beautiful horses are in danger of disappearing and Cayuse Creek Ranch does what it can to help preserve these bloodlines.  From time to time they offer for sale both show and endurance horses. 

Contact Information:
Bob Coleman and Michelle Bignell
805 Carmel Line, Millbrook, ON, L0A 1G0
Landline:  705-932-2314
Cell: 705-917-2314
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